I had a long journey with Jesus since 2009. I found out (through evidence and facts) that Jesus exists. I went through many trials, many dead churches (that never say the name Jesus), but I could not throw away Jesus, because he is real. The beginning of this year, I had enough of being a weirdo for Jesus and being shepherded by him, (by church folks and secular) because I really believed I had a different lifestyle. Therefore, I said to Jesus, like an idiot (was), “just save me before I die, I’m going to be an average believer (lukewarm believer), because they get through life”. I threw my personal Bible in the recycling bin. Ever since then, Jesus has revealed a lot of things about this world to me, most importantly how the Bible is 1000% the word of God. I professed to be wise but I became a fool. I just got your package with the Bible and the comic. I will hold on to this beautiful Bible with all my heart. You guys are truly blessed. I pray that Jesus will reward you for your level of care for his ministry.