As I read The Path to Peace I was struck by the beautiful way it illustrates the love of God and Jesus, and explained so well our human nature. What a lovely thing you have done in endeavoring to arrest our attention to the love of God and Jesus. Now I have read my Bible for many, many years – I will be 70 this year – but the beautiful explanations in this book make me see so much more of Jesus’ message. Thus I have read and gone to gospel meetings for many years, but the way this book has made things so beautifully clear has been a great joy and uplifting for me.

I have shared some of the things in this book with my friend Elizabeth who is 91 years old and we have received great blessings in doing this. I would very much like to have two more copies of this book, as I have a son in law who has been asking me questions about things in the Bible and I am afraid I have not been able to give him very good answers. My, the beautiful answers this book has… I would like the other book for my sister; we speak often, and most times about Jesus. Thank you for your kind heart to send help to many who are struggling with life’s issues.