Firstly, I would like to thank you for your prompt response. I ordered my books online and received the books in 2 days. There was a little message that said, “God loves you abundantly!” I was crying when I saw this message.

I am a new Christian & need to learn a lot & ordered books from your website. I was actually very down recently and was having a very difficult time and I almost lost faith in God and was even upset with God a few days ago. I know God loves us a lot and he has got great plans for us, but when we pray and if he hasn’t answered my prayer for ages, and also especially during the difficult times it is so hard to keep my faith in God. So when I looked at this message, I realised that God sent me a message. I feel very loved by him and this word saved me a lot. Thank you very much. I now know how He loves me and I can trust Him, believe in Him, and have faith in Him no matter what happened. Can I ask you something? Why are you doing this free book offer? It is very good for the person who is a new Christian like me & you are doing a good deed. 🙂 I am sorry for the long letter but I just wanted to say thanks to you and God loves you abundantly!