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“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee…”
Jeremiah 1:5

“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart”.
Jeremiah 29:13

I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee”.
Jeremiah 31:3

“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him”.
1 Corinthians 2:9

“I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”.
Hebrews 13:5

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  • Thank you for the free Bible and these wonderful readings. From the moment I began reading answers and guidance came to light. I am particularly enjoying The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelations by Amazing Facts. God Bless you all and all you do.

    Kylie C.
  • I greatly appreciate you being able to help out, and so quickly. These days are dark - and you have provided the tools to remind me the power of faith and re-align myself with that which truly matters. thank you.
    John A.
  • Well the last delivery of requested information has arrived here which is great, and after just initially peeking through the book titled 'Christ's Object lessons' I immediately liked what I had read. Small sections true but inviting and so the serious reading of it will now take place. Once again I thank you for the speed of delivery but most of all giving me something to start my journey. As always..stay safe.

    Ian M.
  • I had a long journey with Jesus since 2009. I found out (through evidence and facts) that Jesus exists. I went through many trials, many dead churches (that never say the name Jesus), but I could not throw away Jesus, because he is real. The beginning of this year, I had enough of being a weirdo for Jesus and being shepherded by him, (by church folks and secular) because I really believed I had a different lifestyle. Therefore, I said to Jesus, like an idiot (was), "just save me before I die, I'm going to be an average believer (lukewarm believer), because they get through life". I threw my personal Bible in the recycling bin. Ever since then, Jesus has revealed a lot of things about this world to me, most importantly how the Bible is 1000% the word of God. I professed to be wise but I became a fool. I just got your package with the Bible and the comic. I will hold on to this beautiful Bible with all my heart. You guys are truly blessed. I pray that Jesus will reward you for your level of care for his ministry.

    Chris S.
  • To the team at Uplifting Books, We just want to say thank you so much for the books and Bibles that arrived today so nicely packed. We appreciate it very much and love what you are all doing. You have helped us to reconnect with God. Many blessings to the team.

    Sharon & Savannah F.
  • Thank you very much for all the good work you do.
    Tyali C.
  • Thank you very much for sending me a free Bible. I am enjoying it very much. I wish I began reading it 25 years ago.

    Adam U.
  • Dear Staff at Uplifting Books, Recently I found a free book in my letterbox entitled, 'The Path to Peace - Finding Hope in a Troubled World'. At the back, is advertised a series of other helpful books to send away for online, and I took the opportunity to find out more. Very quickly came your reply- a package, beautifully wrapped, and full of lovely books and two tracts: I am so delighted with these, and the generosity with which they have been given has really touched me deeply. Thank you very much indeed. I will enjoy reading these books. Sincerely yours in Christ, Karen.

    Karen M.
  • I am so grateful and in need of a proper Bible. I have been praising God each day and would like to read the Bible please, and many thanks for giving me this opportunity.
    Marie S.
  • I was initially skeptical when I found your website as most sites only want your personal information to use for their greed and profits in sales. God bless you and the great work you do in sending out God's word to all who ask. You are doing a great service to distribute the love of Christ into all homes around the world. God Bless you, Billy

    Billy J.
  • I received my new Bible and books. You definitely made my day. I am studying the word of God everyday. Thank you so much. May God bless you.
    Patricia H.
  • Thank you for my free Bible, it arrived today and I am so grateful to you and all that you are doing at Uplifting Books. God bless
    Zoe B.
  • I absolutely love what you guys are doing, I've recently moved out to a place that I can feel needs God's touch, I will spread the news of your website to as many people as possible.

    Tony M.
  • I received my Bible and other booklets a few days ago. The Bible itself is lovely, and I could tell it was wrapped/handled with care and attention to detail (in other words, with love). I am a new Christian, and currently struggling very much with “faith”. Actions have always meant more to me than words, and your willingness to be so generous and caring to others through this website of giving has truly touched my soul. It is people like you who truly embody the true spirit of Christ, you are clearly doing God’s work. Thank you so much for being so generous to a stranger like me, who you don’t even know. I am so grateful, thank you. God bless you all. With gratitude and love

    June C.
  • Thanks a lot for the Bible I received from you, this is absolutely wonderful work you are doing, we all need this in our daily life, I had wanted to visit the Christian bookshop but than came the lock down and the shop is closed at the moment. I have the Holy Bible app but I wanted a Bible to hold and read to keep beside me when I sleep, and then I saw this advertisement on television and I knew God is with me always and knows our needs and wants, so I straight away ordered it, our God is Great. Halellujah!

    Jenny B.
  • I am blown away by the spirit of you and your organisation - you are truly walking in Christ! I will be sure to pay forward you wonderful generosity in every way that I can, thank you sincerely for your inspired encouragement. I have received the books and was completely moved to see them each individually gift wrapped, with obvious time and care taken, and your card with cherished words I have propped up in my kitchen - I had the biggest smile on my face as I could feel your warmth shine through the gesture - a true daughter of God. You and your organisation are a true blessing - may Jesus continue to bless you abundantly as you serve His Kingdom. I live in Melbourne and so if there is ever a distributor or any purpose you may need someone here on the ground do not hesitate to let me know as I would love to support you and your team in whatever way I can. Sincere love and regards.

    Nicholas W.
  • Wow, I was not expecting the books to arrive so beautifully wrapped and well packaged! I was amazed! And the condition they arrived in was perfect! I can't wait to dive in. Thank you for all that you are doing, and I'm so glad that I (as a new follower of Christ) found your site, enabling me to receive a free Bible as well as a collection of other books.

    Renee S.
  • Hello uplifting books team, I think what your doing is great, spreading the word of God for everyone. I'd like to thank every group member of this team and wish you all a blessed life.
    Jess M.
  • I Just want to say a huge thank you to you all. I was so excited to receive my free books today especially the Bible. Thank you so much to the people working behind the scenes. Those who do not seek profit but see the importance of spreading Gods word. You are a real blessing. What a beautiful organisation.

    Nicole S.
  • I really wanted to reach out and say thank you for my Bible. It's a beautiful and wonderful thing you guys are doing and you couldn't imagine how much I truly appreciate it.

    Shay C.
  • My daughter has received her Bible, and she wanted to say a huge thank you, she loves it!
    Stephanie L.
  • I think your free offer is very, very kind of you, and I appreciate what your doing for the glory of God, so thank you. And thanks praise be unto our Father in Jesus name. I just came across your website at the top of my Google search and was very happy to See all the free books you offer, and I was excited as these are subjects I have been hoping to find guidance and clarity over. Thank you for your free service! God bless you.

    Liansa B.
  • I'd just like to thank you for the free Bible. I too hope to set up a foundation in the near future and provide help to those in need around the world - This will include giving away free Bibles and offering to share God's message to those willing to listen. Thank you.

    Tom T.
  • Dear Uplifting Books Team, Thank you so much for sending me all these wonderful (and FREE) books including this Holy Bible. Also thanks for the time to wrap all of them so carefully! I come from an atheist country, but I luckily settled down in this great county Australia where freedom and faith are still cheered! I'm now back to school as a Law student, that's why I feel I'm particularly in need of getting close to Jesus, and learning his wisdom deeply. I believe your uplifting books will help me understand our heavenly Father in a better way! Many thanks for your warm gifts! Have a blessed day!

    Sunny H.
  • Thank you so much for sending me a free bible and sending me all these amazing books! I was so touched by the generosity and kindness. I was having a really bad day and your parcel cheered me up and your card with the bible verses felt like a divine message sent to me from God! I am beyond grateful for this and send you my heartiest thank you’s! May you be greatly blessed for your kindness and generosity . I will keep these books forever and they will help me greatly in my spiritual journey and faith.

    Sawa W.
  • I really need this book. I want to find my faith and I really appreciate the opportunity to get a free bible and just seek what I feel is lost within me after the death of my little brother recently. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart thank you. The man who raised me I call my pop. He passed from cancer also a year ago and he said it’s what gave him peace in the end. I hope that this book gives me everything he knew it would. Thank you a lot. I’m young but ready for this journey.

    Ky E.
  • Thank you so much for the books, I really appreciate it and have already started reading. My second package arrived today (I ordered some separately) and I am excited to start reading them also 🙂
    Jill S.
  • Thank you so much for the free books and Bible I received them today I am so happy and blessed, truly a gift from God. Thank you. God bless you.
    Joshua H.
  • Hi thank you so much for sending me the free Bible. It is very helpful for university student like me. May God bless this generous people!!
    Caterine H.
  • Hi Elizabeth,  A note to thank you for the parcel of gift wrapped books and the lovely card I received today. Such a surprise to receive them so soon. I have already begun reading. Thank you so much.
    Janet H.
  • Hello, I received a parcel of books from you, and I have been meaning to thank you for the gift and to let you know how much peace and joy they have brought to me. I cherish and appreciate them. God bless, and once again a big thank you.

    Jennifer F.
  • The Path to Peace book is the best, it is God inspired.
    Hanna J.
  • I think it is beautiful how you are willing to spread the word of God at any means, I really aspire to do the same at one point. Thank you.
    Ag A.
  • Thank you so much for these lovely study materials. I am currently studying my way through the Bible to ground my faith in God's word and learn more about our beautiful Saviour. The books came very quickly to my door and the Bible is just beautiful. Thank you so much. If you ever need someone to review your materials and post a comment on line for you I put my hand up...🙌

    Debbie M.
  • thank you very much, thank you. I'm very grateful for these beautiful books!!!! God bless you.
    Merel V.
  • Thank you so much for your offer. I recently welcomed our Lord into my heart. Your generous offer will help me at this difficult time in life.

    Karen W.
  • Thank you so much for such opportunity to have a free Bible and other inspiring books.
    Maria W.
  • Just a quick note to let you know my Bible and The Ministry of Healing arrived a few days ago, along with the extra book you included. Thank you so much. These books are beautiful. The Bible is so much more than I was expecting, and I feel sure it will last a lifetime. Such good quality, with quality, easy to read pages. I particularly love the study guide at the back. Again, thank you and God bless you.
    Susan C.
  • Thank you so much for all the books I requested and the extra ones you have sent me. You certainly uplifted me. I love them all, and I am very grateful and I appreciate it. God bless you and stay safe.

    Sofie E.
  • The parcel arrived today. It's the most beautiful copy of the Bible and exactly what I always wanted, with large print. I will be so proud to show it to anyone, read it and taking care of it. Thank you so much for carrying out the super wonderful work of God. You all should be blessed every day for spreading the words of God and proclaiming his Kingdom. Thank you so much. Please put my message on your feedback / testimonial. God bless you all.

    Austin W.
  • Thanks for these free materials!
    Alanna C.
  • Thank you dearly. God bless you.
    Maria V.
  • What a terrific offer.
    Robin R.
  • Thank you so much for these beautiful books. They have given me greater wisdom and knowledge and helped me to not only understand what Christ means to me but to keep believing in the Saviour!

    Louise C.
  • Hey I would like to say abundant thank you! I was thinking this is unreal to get a free Bible, it turns out you send more than just a Bible! So I moved to Australia for a year already and find an online Bible is difficult to read; but Bibles around my area is quite expensive. Your giving a Bible is really helpful. I'm very happy! Thank you so much. This is my very first Bible in Australia and I will keep it no matter wherever I go in the future! I write your site name on its cover ❤️ once again thank you!!

    Fransiska T.
  • I have received my bible today and I love it so much, thank you so much. I will forever treasure my bible. All praise and Glory to our heavenly father AMEN.

    Emma P.
  • I would like to thank you for my Bible and other resources. May God bless you xoxox
    Lyn R.
  • I just wish to advise that I received your beautiful Bible in the post yesterday. Thank you very much for sending me this plus the other two booklets.

    Mary T.
  • Dear Elizabeth and the team at uplifting books, thank you for your heartfelt card and books my mother and I love them very much.

    Vicky K.
  • Hi Team, Thank you for sending through the Bible, I really appreciate it 🙂
    Jono L.