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Constant Trust in God

18 May 2024 How often we tremble in unbelief, asking, “How can I know that God is reconciled to me? How can I know for sure that He loves and pardons me?”  It is not for us to make ourselves just with God. Jesus invites us to come to Him with all our problems and cares. We must accept the promises and the provision that God has made. We must look away from ourselves to Jesus; for in Jesus Christ the character

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From the Blog

God Loves You

God Will Answer

Sometimes we can find ourselves pondering over thoughts like these: Does God hear my prayer? Will God answer my prayer? Does God care about me?

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God Loves You

The Heavenly City

The Heavenly City   We are journeying towards the heavenly city. The heavenly kingdom is our place of rest. There is no sadness there. No

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Hand Reaching Up to God to Give Him the Pen

“God will write the story of our lives beautifully if we will just give Him the pen.”